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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

S.D. Animal Support Foundation offers foster homes

Posted @ 7:24 PM

Plenty of foster homes are available thru the San Diego Animal Support Foundation. People who are stuck in evacuation centers with their pets, or who are needing temporary foster homes for dogs, cats, bunnies, goats, horses, etc.

We have Fosters willing and able to take the pets immediately. Lots of fosters are standing by. Some are even willing to offer a bedroom to a pet owner and their animal. Call the San Diego Animal Support Foundation now at 619-847-8755.

Property for livestock, horses, burros, sheep, etc is available immediately on private property in Winchester, Temecula, San Marcos, El Cajon and private ranches in Imperial Beach have room for 100 - 200 horses.

Don't wait until last minute. Call the San Diego Animal Support Foundation at 619-847-8755 now. Volunteers and property owners are standing by to help.

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Anonymous said...

We really need to get these sites in order. How can we get this information out to whose who need it?