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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Horse shelter update

Posted @ 7:05 PM

The Tijuana Valley Equestrian Association is helping to place horses in private ranches in the Tijuana River Valley area. They have placed 200 horses and have room for more. For information, evacuees with horses can contact John Gabaldon, the Chairman of the Tijuana Valley Equestrian Association, at 619-920-1282 and he will provide directions to the location of the corrals.


Anonymous said...

If you need help to move your horse out of harms way? Call Lori Donner (619) 587-2928 Have large horse trailers and lots of people to help! We are taking most horses to Imperial Beach area also known as T.J. river bottom.

Tina said...

There is room in NORCO
call 949-933-8337 Tina

Anonymous said...

Room for 200 horses in Yuma Arizona at the County Fair Grounds

Jessica said...

On short term emergency basis I can keep 2 horse trailers or horses on my property in Bonita. No grazing land, but enough space for immediate need, or holdover. 2/3 acre.

Anonymous said...

I have a truck and two-horse trailer; if you need help moving your horses, can also board a few horses in north Temecula.
Call 951-634-4938

vicki olsson said...

Anyone needing boarding for up to 2 horses,barn and fenced pasture; have 2 horse trailer available; in Vacaville, CA, on private property on 2.5 acres