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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hay shortage: Donations needed

Posted @ 8:12 AM

Ranches in the Tijuana River Valley (Imperial Beach/Nestor) have taken in hundreds of evacuated horses, but now we're facing a hay shortage.

The ranch where I work (Sun Coast Farms at 2550 Monument Rd) is going through 50+ bales a day...there are a dozen other ranches in the area in the same boat. Truckloads of hay coming from the Imperial Valley have been unable to get through this week, and several area feed stores have burned in the fires.

If you have bermuda or alfalfa available, or know someone who does, please email me!

Delivered would definitely be best, but we can send a truck & trailer if all the roads are open to get there. We'd GREATLY appreciate donations to offset the cost of hundreds of additional mouths to feed. Please contact Emma Spurling, 619-252-4485 or Maria Siebrand,
619-865-9614 (vaquera@san.rr.com ).

We are also accepting cash donations (and can accept donations via PayPal to vaquer@san.rr.com)...anything we don't need in the Valley will be contributed to Wee Companions, a non- profit run by one of our boarders here at the ranch that rescues small companion animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs etc. At this time, they have taken in over 300 evacuated critters!

Thank you for helping us get the word out!
Maria Siebrand

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Maria said...


There is BERMUDA HAY available in East County/Descanso. I don't know how much hay they have, and it's cash and carry, but if you would like to help, and have a truck, you can purchase some bales and drive them down to us. A bale of hay will feed 5 horses for one day; there are currently about 350 evacuated horses in the valley!! Any contributions will be helpful!!!

Contact Brenda 619 445-2071
Premium Bermuda grass $11.50
Cash & Carry
Call to make appointment to have gate opened.

Contact Emma at 619-252-4485 or Maria at 619-865-9614 to make arrangements to deliver hay!