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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Knickers for Neighbors

Posted @ 11:45 AM

Hello! I am a business education teacher and student government advisor in a small high school in Iowa - BUT I am a Southern California native who wants to help! We heard in response to our posting on Craigs List that shelters are in need of new underwear for fire victims, however we're not sure which shelters they are. We are holding "Knickers for Neighbors" - a pantie drive, if you will - but need to know where to send our knickers. Can you help direct us? Or can you post my request and have shelters simply reply?

Many thanks,
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Rebecca Knapp
Business Education Teacher
West Branch High School900 West Main Street
West Branch, IA 52358
(319) 643-7216 ext. 327


Kate said...

You can try St. Vincent de Paul Village. They were just on the radio talking about how they are collecting donations at their warehouse that they will then distribute to the shelters based on individual needs. I know they will also be overwhelmed with newly homeless persons seeking long-term housing.

From their website:
Father Joe's Villages is responding to our neighbors in need who have been affected by the fires. We are providing relief to victims at Qualcomm by helping provide meals, cots, blankets, water, pet food and medical services through our Mobile Health Clinic.
We need your help!
Greatest Needs
Gift Cards: Sam's, Costco, Smart & Final
In order to buy bulk food, water and necessary hygiene and medical supplies.
You can also make donations of usable goods at our main warehouse at
3350 E St San Diego, CA 92102-3332.
Map of 3350 E St San Diego, CA 92102-3332.

As always monetary donations are needed.
Please use our secure online donation form
to make your gifts to fire relief.

For more information or donations,
please call 619-446-2100

Anonymous said...

Kickers for Neighbors
I LOOOOVE that idea!!! Coming from one that was down there for 3 days with no change of cloths but access to showers belive me new undies would have been a welcome relief!!!!!!

frankie said...

this is a great idea ! there are two places that I know of that are taking donations of this sort.

see the post today on the fireblog titled

Escondido/Ramona relief collection points .... they have a delivery address of

Where to deliver:
Westminster Presbyterian Church
1500 S. Juniper St.
Escondido, CA 92025

and also I would suggest contacting
www.volunteersandiego.org who are holding a donation drive..

see blog entry Volunteer San Diego opens Volunteer/donation center

thanks for doing this for San Diego !