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Friday, October 26, 2007

Jeweler will recreate lost jewelry and repair fire damaged pieces

Posted @ 12:22 PM

My name is David Levi...I run Levi and Sons Fine Jewelers along with Versailles Fine Jewelers. I have a location in the Parkway Plaza mall and my other locations are in the Fashion Valley Mall along with Horton Plaza.

A few years ago after the Cedar fires, I ended up recreating a lot of jewelry that was lost in the fires. We have a large customer base that I am sure is affected by the recent fires in Ramona and surrounding areas of San Diego County. I would love to extend myself out to the victims who have lost their jewelry and try to help them out in replacing it. I would want to work very close to my cost in helping the community out and think it would be a good idea if you'd want to help me get the word out. I only want to do this because it is one way I know my business can help the community out.

I remember a lady coming to see me a few years ago and all she had was a wedding picture of her wedding ring that was lost in the Cedar fires and I had to recreate the ring using CAD/CAM technology. I can create a wax mold of the original ring, then cast it, and set any stones.

David Levi


Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .very possible Jewelers Point choice is available and their customers don't have to shop anywhere else. In addition, they are placing a greater emphasis on training their employees than they have in the past. The days of receiving second rate advice and service at national chain stores are becoming a thing of the past.

Matt said...

Speaking of helping people recover their jewelry, Mervis Diamond Importers our of Tysons Corner, VA has created a website dedicated to helping people list their lost and found diamonds and jewelry in the hopes of getting things back to the original owner. Check it out if you lost a diamond ring and don't know what else to do...