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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hot meals at Escondido High School

Posted @ 4:22 PM

TK&A Custom Catering will be at Escondido High School Thursday night (October 25) to prepare hot meals for more than 600 evacuees. More locations to be determined soon.

Law firm of Cooley, Goward, Kronish has canceled an event booked with TK&A Custom Catering and allowed TK&A to use the funds to feed fire victims. TK&A will be working with the Red Cross find locations where meals can be delivered. TK&A Custom Catering has the capacity to provide meals for 2,500 people.

TK&A Custom Catering Contact:
858-444-8822, http://www.tka-catering.com/

-- L. Tait


Chad said...

That's really generous--great to hear of so many in the community finding ways to contribute. Even though I don't live in Escondido, thank you!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing...Escondido residents will remember who helped them in this time of need!