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Friday, October 26, 2007

Escondido/Ramona relief collection point

Posted @ 12:03 PM

For the horses, llamas, sheep, etc :

Hay - NOT TO BE DELIVERED TO THE CHURCH - I will get the driver through the police checkpoint.
sweat wipers
triple antibiotic ointment - neosporin
used blankets
I am not a horse person so not sure all that they need - so call me if you think of something and I will add it to the list.

For Humans
water - 5 gallons are ok - 5 gallon water dispensers, gallon containers and water bottles
masks - the really good ones if possible - just can't get enough of these
baby wipes - being uses in place of showering
Ensure or other vitamin enriched drinks
Gatorade type drinks with electrolytes
Depends or other disposable undergarments
food - any - contact me regarding donations of perishable food - dry foods like pancake mix, dry milk, ready made mixes
eye drops - the individual ones
eye wash
triple antibiotic ointment - neosporin
anything medical such as bandaides, wraps, etc.
anything toiletry : toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions, razors, creams, make-up, body scrub, dental floss, contact cases, solution, nasal spray
Any clothing - all sizes really need undergarments, socks.
mattresses - regular and air mattresses - battery operated pumps
any Linens - sheets, towels,
combs, brushes
manicure kits, toiletry kits
ibuprophe, advil, asprin, thermometers - prefer the ear type & the disposable coverings so we can reuse easily
anything over the counter - allergy meds, benedryl, cough drops, etc.
homeopathic medicine
halloween costumes
All baby items, diapers, creams, lotions, baby wipes
small plastic bags like you get your groceries in or walmart uses - need these really bad

Inspirational books & cds & dvds
hand massagers
heating pads
neck pillows
lumbar support pillows
calming music
games - decks of cards -
art supplies for the kids to keep them busy
vcrs- tapes for entertainment

Clean up & Rebuilding
work gloves
disposable gloves
duct tape
any cleanup - garbage bags, mops brooms, vacume cleaners, cleaning supplies - windex, disinfecting products, etc.
hoses, spray nozzels for the ends,
rakes, shovels, pitch forks, post diggers
flash lights
larger work lights
lumber and all building supplies (don't deliver this to the church)

Where to deliver:
Westminster Presbyterian Church
1500 S. Juniper St.
Escondido, CA 92025

Thank you !!

Tammy Searle


cookingmama said...
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cookingmama said...

Please deliver M-F between 8:30am-Noon or 1pm-3pm. If you are trying to deliver something after hours, please contact Gina at
760 703 0181 cell (or text message)
Items are stored outdoors, so please package accordingly (use plastic bins with lids, trash bags, large Ziploc bags, etc). Thank you!

cookingmama said...

Items are now able to be stored indoors (-;

Erica Kouros said...

I am posting this blog in the hopes that I can get into contact with someone from your church. My name is Erica Kouros and I am a part of KAOS Worldwide and the Texas Kaos Girls Softball Team here in Houston. We are shipping out to you in the next day or two many boxes including some of your needs.

I wanted to speak with someone so that we can connect and make sure that you get our donations to your cause. Please email me at erica.kouros@fortbendisd.com. I hope that our contribution as a group is of some help to you during this time.

cookingmama said...

We got the supplies from KAOS! Thanks a million. See our church website for more info on where your supplies are going. www.wpcescondido.net

cookingmama said...

See an update to this at
http://www.wpcescondido.net/ and click on fire relief.
Thanks everyone for your help! Everything that has come in to our church has been a huge blessing to those in the San Diego area.