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Friday, October 26, 2007

Door-to-Door Storage offers frees pace for fire victims

Posted @ 11:58 AM

Door to Door Storage, Inc. will be offering two free months of storage to victims residing in the zip codes affected by the San Diego fires. While supplies last, those affected by the fires are welcome to bring their personal belongings to the company’s San Diego facility and unload their items into one of the portable storage containers (additional units also available).

Each unit is large enough to accommodate a full room worth of furniture and personal items. Once individuals unload their items into the container, the company will provide environmentally controlled and secure warehouse storage for as long as necessary. At the end of the storage stay, there will be an option to either retrieve items out of the container at the warehouse facility, or have the unit delivered anywhere within the company’s service area.

Those interested should contact an associate for details and/or a reservation at 888-410-3667.

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